Infrastructure Guide

Compute Resources

Lab members are provided with a desktop. For rotation and undergraduate students, these machines may be shared. For full time lab members, the operating system should be reinstalled when the member joins. Large-scale computation and web hosting are performed via commercial cloud providers. Please discuss your project’s computing needs with Casey to best optimize resource usage.


We have accounts with a number of key services. When a lab member joins, accounts should be created in:

In addition, lab members should have accounts with bitbucket and github. These accounts should get added to our:


There are two different purchasing procedures depending on whether or not the vendor is an approved university vendor. For approved vendors (check the Penn Marketplace), you need to fill out a pharmacology requisition form, and send it to (Casey should be CCed on the email).

For other suppliers (such as where a credit card purchase is required, you will need to:

  1. Fill out a paper copy of p-card order form.
  2. Get Casey to sign the Your Signature area of the form, then hand it to Camie Minieri or Roz Rucker.
  3. Instead of listing every item on the form, you can write “See attached below” and the total sum only in the form. If you do so, please also send the details of your order (such as Amazon URLs) to Roz (, who will compile a detailed order form.


Reimbursement is done using the Concur Business Travel & Expense Management Software Solution:

  • First login to Concur Expense using your PennKey. Under Profile Settings > Personal Information, fill in required information. Set the default Travel Approver to Jason Molli.
  • Ask Carmela (Camie) Minieri to make you eligible for expense reports on Concur, which takes at least a day for processing. You should then be able to submit expenses for reimbursement.

There is mobile Concur app, which is useful for taking pictures of receipts. To setup the app, login to concur expense online and go to Profile Settings > Mobile Registration. You should see your username. Then click Create a mobile PIN, which will allow you to specify a password that you can use to login from the mobile app.